Re: Icons of program

Miroslav Silovic <> writes:

> You also missed the fact that registry is not human-readable. Meaning

The filesystem is also not human-readable.

> you need special tools to edit it, and the special tools are only

And you also need special tools to read textfile and manipulate them - 
these special tools are called editors.

> editable by hand so the system can always be brought back into a
> bootable state (well, as long as filesystem is still alive) - you just

Hey, are we talking about something like the Windows registry for
gnome or just a database for some metainformation? The last one is no
problem - you can boot your system and use your tools to repair it, if 
something is broken.

> Basically a large binary file that can only be modified if GNOME is

A database of metainformation for GNOME is in no way comparable to
Windows registry where essential system information is stored. GNOME
should even work with no database (especially without metainformation
- just display the default icons and maybe doubleclicks donīt bring up 
your preferred program).

I.e. RPM and DPK also use databases. Are these tools evil only because 
they store some information which you can only read with special

Until the next mail...,

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