Re: Icons of program

This is going to sound like a terribly naive question.  I've never used
Microsoft Windows in any incarnation, 3.1, 95 or NT.  What is it with
the Registry that is so difficult?  People act as though it's the
Devil's spawn.  I've never used it, so I honestly don't understand
what's so evil about it.

I've used Mac's and Unix boxes for ten years.  The database idea that I
was proposing was essentially an implementation of the Finder's Desktop
database on the Macintosh.  In ten years time, I've had problems with it
twice.  Both times, the problem was solved in minutes by rebuilding the
Desktop.  I assumed that Microsoft's Registry was no different.  I asked
around at work today trying to find out why people hate it so much.  No
one could give me an answer.  

Can someone enlighten me?  What is so difficult?

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