Strange things about gmc

With gmc, I'm curious why the icons you create are covered over by the
panel (if you have the panel on the left side).  How can this be
avoided?  Also, why are the icons "always on top" so they sit in the way
of your applications?  How can they be set to show on top of the
background jpeg but not on top of anything else?

I notice this weird problem. Sometimes, if I double click files, they
open. Other times, I get 
/tmp/03675taa: /tmp/03675taa: No such file or directory
/tmp/03675uaa: /tmp/03675uaa: No such file or directory
/tmp/03675vaa: /tmp/03675vaa: No such file or directory

I can move in the same directory and click some files that work.  It
almost seems that the speed of the double click causes it.

Final question. Now that imlib1.3 is announced, should we ignore the
redated imlib rpms that appear daily with gnome?  I kinda wish the daily
gnome things were version numbered so we could tell if they are new or
just renumbered.  Know what I mean?

Paul E. Johnson                 
Dept. of Political Science                Office: (913) 864-9086
University of Kansas                      FAX: (913) 864-5700
Lawrence, Kansas 66045                    

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