Re: C++

On 23 Apr 1998, Miroslav Silovic wrote:

> Joel Dillon <> writes:
> > 					^ Yes it will. We'll have
> > 	pluggable look and feel (like raster's work for gtk) and
> > 	one (possibly the default) look and feel could easily be an
> > 	exact copy of gtk.
> This reminds me... Raster will publish the look&feels in the form of
> drawing libs. Or rather, in the form of libs that actually draw the
> widgets. Is there any compelling reason not to use these libs as a
> foundation for Harmony (instead of raw Xlib)? That would at least cut
> down on Harmony codesize, overall code duplication, and work
> duplication involved in porting the themes (not to mention that
> Harmony would then be able to work nicely with gdk/gtk in the same
> address space with VERY little lib duplication).

  I can think of a few reasons. Those drawing libs will expect to plug
into gtk and gdk, which might cause a few problems (for the same reasons
we aren't writing a gtk wrapper). And the gtk theme code isn't even at
alpha stage yet, which means we'd be making Harmony reliant on something
which doesn't yet exist. 


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