Re: Harmony + GNOME (Was: Re: C++)

> just a theoretical question ... how would anyone stop you even if someone
> did object ... ??? ...

  I don't think anyone could stop us as such - I mean, what're people
going to do, sue us? But they could say that an app which doesn't use gtk
or a gtk wrapper is not a Gnome app, which would put lots of people off.
> the reason msot people are slightly opposed to multiple toolkits is that
> toolkit libs take memory ... if everything was gtk ... even wrappers ...
> then memory footprint would be reduced ... plus things such as

   This is true, and I worry about it. But if it gets more C++ programmers
used to the Qt API writing apps which are gnome-compliant, it might be
worth it. And if people are running KDE apps alongside Gnome ones the
library'll be there already.

> libgnomeui wouldn't have to be ported and increase memory footprint yet
> once more plus any change in the gtk/libgnomeui ... nicely propagates
> to the wrappers (well simple changes anyhow) ... and features such as
> themes are likely only to work on gtk apps .. unless the theme author
> puts in a harmony theme as well ...

  Nope. We're putting themes into Harmony :) One minor compatibility
problem might be that Harmony and gtk won't understand the same theme


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