Translations and locale woes in general



 I've made a danish translation of the .pot file for gnome-games. Who
should I send it to, in order to add it to the repository?


 I'm beginning to grow tired of messages like this:

Unable to open /usr/share/gnome/help/generic-gnome-app/da/topic.dat
 Not that it in any way isn't correct, but I'd be happier, if the app
in question could be a little more intelligent in its search for
online-help. My idea of intelligence in this field is:

 1) Try each part of $LANGUAGE, ie in my case ('da:en'):


 2) If that doesn't work, try $LANG, ie in my case ('da'):


 3) If that still doesn't work, fall back upon the C locale, ie:


 I'll probably go ahead and implement this myself, unless somebody
else is working on it, but I'm not entirely sure where to
start. gnome-libs/libgnome/gnome-help.c seem to be a likely place, but
before I start hacking away, I'd better ask if anything else than
on-line help is dependant on gnome_help_file_path()?


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