Re: Translations and locale woes in general

Anders Wegge Jakobsen <> writes:

>  1) Try each part of $LANGUAGE, ie in my case ('da:en'):
>   /usr/share/gnome/help/generic-gnome-app/da/topic.dat
>   /usr/share/gnome/help/generic-gnome-app/en/topic.dat
>  2) If that doesn't work, try $LANG, ie in my case ('da'):
>   /usr/share/gnome/help/generic-gnome-app/da/topic.dat

This is generally no good idea.  I've not implemented this in gettext
since all standards say that exactly one envvar is used.  I.e., LANG
will only be used if LANGUAGE is not available.

Plus, you haven't mentioned LCALL and LC_MESSAGES.  The complete list
of envvars gettext examines is:


in this order.  LANGUAGE is a GNU extension but the rest is standard.

>  I'll probably go ahead and implement this myself, unless somebody
> else is working on it, but I'm not entirely sure where to
> start. gnome-libs/libgnome/gnome-help.c seem to be a likely place, but
> before I start hacking away, I'd better ask if anything else than
> on-line help is dependant on gnome_help_file_path()?

Take a look at the gettext code which also implements the cascading

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