Re: SysV runlevel editor

Jim Pick wrote:
> Personally, I remain very skeptical of approaches like Linuxconf and
> COAS.  They consist of "retrofitting" configuration onto existing
> code.
> IMHO, the configuration of each daemon/program should be the
> responsibility of the authors/packagers of the individual programs.
> We just need to come to some consensus agreement on the standard way
> of doing so (ie. come up with a technically superior system that
> everybody likes).

I don't know about linuxconf, but the brief thing I read a while
back about COAS was that it was a framework for configuration
that allowed for plugins for different apps.  It seems to me that
w/ this senario it would be up to the app author to write a
plugin module that worked w/ the COAS framework.  Like what you
said.  I guess the main thing is getting everyone to agree on a
configuration framework "standard" so a program author doesn't
have to write N different config plugins/apps.


Jason Gilbert |
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