Re: An ORB for GNOME?

Miguel de Icaza wrote:
> > Have you tried TAO?  It comes with the ACE class library, but is a
> > complete ORB that is being actively developed.  The ACE class library
> > itself is REALLY nice, and has a lot of industry support.  Plus it's
> > great for networked apps.
> TAO is sadly C++ based as well.  We want an ORB that supports C
> bindings as well.  
> If we do not do this, we end up coding bridges from C++ to C.

Better to code bindings from C++ to C than invent a new ORB, code it and
test it from scratch...  ACE's TAO is optimized, tested, supported, and
free.  You can't get much better than that.

There are tons of C++ bindings for C libraries (GTK-- for example).  All
this is is a bridge from C to C++.  There is nothing wrong is going the
other way as well -- C++ to C.

Jeff Garzik			    Typhoon, Cyclone, Diablo, and INN	           News tuning and consulting

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