Re: SysV runlevel editor

Federico Mena <> writes:

> >  Is anyone working on a System V runlevel editor? If not, I'd be glad to
> >  start.
> I'm not sure if Linuxconf lets you edit runlevels, but it sounds to me
> like it can.  If so, you can use the Gnome front-end for it.

I think it can, because that was one of the stumbling blocks about
getting it integrated with Debian, IIRC.

Personally, I remain very skeptical of approaches like Linuxconf and
COAS.  They consist of "retrofitting" configuration onto existing

IMHO, the configuration of each daemon/program should be the
responsibility of the authors/packagers of the individual programs.
We just need to come to some consensus agreement on the standard way
of doing so (ie. come up with a technically superior system that
everybody likes).

Perhaps this Gnome configuration stuff will help when it matures.

I'm not discounting Linuxconf and COAS however - they may be very good
short-term solutions for "retrofitting" on an integrated configuration
interface, which some people may want.


 - Jim

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