Getting started with is too hard.


I think its too hard to get Gnome up and running, the web site has room
for improvement.

What is needed is step by step instructions for getting Gnome up and
running on a range of popular different systems.

. Getting started on Red Hat Linux 4.2
. Getting started on Red Hat Linux 5.0
. Getting started from Slackware x
. Getting started Debian, S.u.S.e
. etc.

I am running a Red Hat 4.2 intel version of Linux and am totally
confused as where I should start.

I spent a couple of hours a few nights ago downloading (I have a slow
modem) some rpms that promptly failed on dependencies. (I think they are
intended for Red Hat 5.0 users).

So I decided to compile Gnome from the source, however when trying to
retreive via CVS all I get lots of messages from the cvs server saying
it is updating xyz.  And when the checkout is complete it appears that
most of the source tree is missing.

Now what?

My point being is that I have spent more than a few hours trying to get
gnome compiled and running.

I am now turning to this list and asking:

"I have a standard (except a libc upgrade) installation of Red Hat Linux
4.2, what is the easiest way of getting Gnome up and running?"

I wonder how many people have failed to get Gnome up and running with a
couple of hours and given up on it?

I think it is important that the getting started documentation be
improved so that Gnome is more accessible and people don't "give up" on
Gnome after failing to get it up and running.

As I have Red Hat Linux 4.2 I don't mind writing a "Getting started with
Red Hat 4.2" document (If I ever do manage to get started :-) ).

Or is getting started a piece of cake and I'm just being thicker than
the offspring of the village idiot and the weather girl?



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