Install program

I'm quite new to this list, so please forgive me if this issue has
been brought up before. 

Has there been any discussion about an installation program for Gnome?
Something like installshield on the Windows platform. 

The program would recognize different packaging formats (rpm, dpg, tgz
etc). It is invoked from the gmc. In the case of rpm/dpg it acts as a
frontend to the rpm/dpg-programs. In the case of .tar.gz/.tgz it looks
for a file (eg .gnomeinstall) which tells it what needs to be done to
the package. It could automagically do configure/make/make install in
the case of source-packages (after parsing the scripts and showing the
user/admin what is about to be done?), and install the programs for
the current user only or for everyone according to privileges.

Any comments and/or flames? ;)

Eirik Mikkelsen -
Orakeltjenesten ITEA/DESK

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