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On Sun, 19 Apr 1998, Eirik Mikkelsen wrote:

> Has there been any discussion about an installation program for Gnome?
> Something like installshield on the Windows platform. 
> The program would recognize different packaging formats (rpm, dpg, tgz
> etc). It is invoked from the gmc. In the case of rpm/dpg it acts as a

Well, a graphically frontend to rpm would be nice to have. Something that
can list package descriptions/dependencies and also has support for
package building. Something like SuSE's YaST - oops, there's the first
problem - gnome is nice, but most sysadmins would prefer installing
packages on a text console and would also want to have some statically
linked program. It may be nice to have some graphically frontend but I
don't think many people would really use it to install packages. They
would prefer something that does not crash during installation even if
they re-install the whole base system.

> frontend to the rpm/dpg-programs. In the case of .tar.gz/.tgz it looks
> for a file (eg .gnomeinstall) which tells it what needs to be done to
> the package. It could automagically do configure/make/make install in
> the case of source-packages (after parsing the scripts and showing the
> user/admin what is about to be done?), and install the programs for
> the current user only or for everyone according to privileges.

That may be nice for W95, but really useful? RPM does an excellent task in
making package building easylier, it handles dependencies, patches, ... -
so why write just another package manager?

Maybe some graphical frontend to RPM - not to install packages - but to
*build* them - and maybe to create spec files?

> Any comments and/or flames? ;)

Sorry, perhaps other people have an other oppinion - I prefer using the
command line 'rpm' on /dev/tty1 to install packages - and for package
building nowadays one has a packaging account and simply says 'rpm -ba
blah blah blah ...'


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