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Quoting emacs (
> Hi, I have just started writing gnome apps and so far I have been
> able to figure out what I am doing.  I have written a loadmeter
> that embeds itself into the panel.  I figurered that it should change 
> its orientation with the panel, and I have gotten that to work just fine.
> The problem I am having is that I can not determine the orientation of the 
> panel when my applet starts.  That is if the panel is vertical and the
> loadmeter is started my applet gets confused and starts out horizontal.
> How can I determine the orientation of the panel when I startup (ie
> without waiting for a change_orientation)?  I tired using applet_get_panel
> but couldn't link to it (I guess it isn't in libpanel_applet. Should it be?)
> Thanks for any help.

you can only use the CORBA interface since you can't go directly into
the panel ...

in fact what you describe should be happening ... when the applet is
started it has no way of knowing the orientation so most applets start
out as horizontal ... but the panel should send an orientation change
which you will catch as an orientation change .... the panel doesn't
know the orientation for a while too so it can't provide it before ...

if it doesn't automatically send an orientation change on startup
something is wrong


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Ok, I dug around in the panel's main.c.  Specifically the function
orientation_change(...).  I added some g_prints just so I could
see what what going on.  After the panel has been running my
applet gets a change_orient call like it should as this gets
dispached from the info->type == APPLET_EXTERN branch of
orientation_change.  However when my applet is first started
it is of type APPLET_EXTERN_RESERVED and does not get reoriented.
Just to see would happen I tried changing orientation_change
to reorient applets of type APPLET_EXTERN_RESERVED.  It crashed.
So my applet doesn't get an automatic change_orient call when
it starts up.  So am I doing something wrong or the panel code

I have one other question.  When I do get a change_orientation call
(like when I change the orientation of the panel itself, then it works)
I resize my widget (a GtkDrawingArea) then I do gtk_queue_resize on my
plug to get it to resize.  Everything resizes execept that the panel 
gets kind of wide (its vertical) since the horizontal version of my
program is wide. The panel doesn't shrink now that my (vertical) applet 
fits nicely.  Should it?  If so, how can I make it happen?

					Joseph Kain

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