Re: bug tracking system

Not being a programmer in the real sense (I like scripting.  I leave
programming to professionals), but being highly interested in the sucess
of GNOME, I would love to do this.  If noone else wants the job, I will
start as soon as possible. 

I vaguely remember a GNU system for this: GNATS I think.  However, I also
remember this being rather complicated to implement and use.  Does anyone
have an opinion on whether I should use this?  Any other suggestions?
Should I just roll my own with CGI and <FreeSQL of your choice>?


On Fri, 10 Apr 1998, Miguel de Icaza wrote:

> Hello guys,
>    Well, gnome seems to be stable enough and it is not changing as
> often as it did when we just started, so I believe that having a bug
> tracking system would be nice to have now.
>    I remember someone volunteering for setting up such system, is that
> person still with us?  Would someone like to setup this bug tracking
> system for gnome?
> best wishes,
> Miguel.
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