I'm glad to see people are interested in standardizing their
documentation. I'm going to be spending the next week looking at the
packages of those developers who have just recently responded to me.

I'll be sending them the first version of a documentation FAQ.
With this outline, we can then organize and rewrite their documentation to
bring it up to par.

Many of these software packages are very similar and I will try to
organize several sets of documentation templates. (This will include file
naming conventions and content descriptions for your documentation, etc.)

Primarily, I'll be trying to address the following issues:

	What information should go into your documentation?
	What basic documentation should I provide for package type X?
	How should my documentation be divided up?
	What sort of directory structure should I use for my package?
	What file formats should my documentation be distributed in?

I will be placing this online and am open to suggestions.  Please email me


Kimberly Bigelow  

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