Re: Raising the abstraction level

On Sat, 11 Apr, 1998 at 01:21:36AM +0200, Pieter Schoenmakers set free these words:
> That is no excuse, especially in a library that does a lot of things quite
> good for GtkObject and its `subclasses'.  If there was a GdkObject that
> was `inherited' by all structures, and the first field was a `klass', and
> the second one a `ref_count', this whole issue with 11 refcounting API's
> would not exist.
Is this possible?  Would it make things more elgeant?  Would you code it?
:-)  I don't know anything about the ref-counting stuff at the moment so
the first two are just to find out "what does this gain me?  What does it
cost?"  The last is, of course, a vain hope that someone believes in it enough
to make it happen right away :-)

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