Re: panel (could be imlib?) problems

On Fri, 10 Apr, 1998 at 11:24:18AM -0400, set free these words:
> On 10 Apr, shouted:
> -> writes:
> ->  > I think form now on we should make libpng, libtiif, libgif, libjpeg and
> ->  > libz compulsory for gnomem - that will stop problems liek this...
> ->  > anyone disagree for GOOD reasons?
> ->  
> ->  It took me *ages* to work out that the png, gif and tiff libraries I'd
> ->  installed from the FreeBSD packages weren't being picked up by the
> ->  gnome build.  For instance, the tiff libraries were installed as
> ->  libtiff34.a and, which autoconf wasn't finding.
> of course ti wasn't finding them! thats incorrect versioning naming for
> libraries. that's BSD's problem. it shoudl be called
Well -- Although I've never seen another system that names that way (neither
SunOS nor NetBSD do it that way, so characterizing it as a BSD problem isn't
exactly correct), if it's proper for FreeBSD to name libraries that way, then
autoconf should detect it.

If FreeBSD doesn't normally name libraries that way, then the listed libraries
have improper installs and whoever built them for FreeBSD needs to be told
about the problem.

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