Re: panel (could be imlib?) problems writes:
> I think form now on we should make libpng, libtiif, libgif, libjpeg and
> libz compulsory for gnomem - that will stop problems liek this...
> anyone disagree for GOOD reasons?

It took me *ages* to work out that the png, gif and tiff libraries I'd
installed from the FreeBSD packages weren't being picked up by the
gnome build.  For instance, the tiff libraries were installed as
libtiff34.a and, which autoconf wasn't finding.

Does it make sense for distributions of these libraries, using
autoconf and installing with names that gnome wants, to be put into
the CVS tree?  I made a start at porting libgr to FreeBSD, but it's a
nasty business.

I guess the other option is to have GNOME autoconf recognise FreeBSD's
dumbass installed names for the libraries :-)  Here's what I found:

	Installs the headers in /usr/local/include/giflib/
	Installs the libraries /usr/local/lib/libgif.a and

	Installs headers in /usr/local/include/
	Installs libraries /usr/local/lib/
	and /usr/local/lib/libjpeg.a

	Installs headers /usr/local/include/
	Installs libraries /usr/local/lib/libpng.a and

	Headers /usr/local/include/tiff34
	Libraries /usr/local/lib/libtiff34.a and

The bogus header installation of giflib and tiff34 gave me the biggest


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