Re: opening Gnome to multiple (windowing) systems

Bertrand Guiheneuf <> writes:

> \\   I agree that Gnome does not officially ban C++ programs. However,
> \\ when most of the developers on the list say it's a bad language which
> \\ they dislike C++ programmers are likely to feel discouraged and go
> It is exactely what I feel. I wanted to port a big soft to KDE (scilab), but
> I realised it was a microsoft-like spirit in there, so I decided to go
> to Gnome. But the problem is that I will never write a GUI in C.
> What can I do????

"Doctor, doctor, it hurts when I do that."
"Then don't do that!"

If you don't want to program GUIs in C, don't.  Use Scheme, Python,
Perl, C++ or another one from the plethora of languages Gtk supports
through wrappers.

Hrvoje Niksic <> | Student at FER Zagreb, Croatia
"Psychos _do not_ explode when sunlight hits them."

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