wrap GNOME in C++ was:(Re: gnome-list, not language-list)

At 06:09 PM 4/9/98 -0400, Elliot Lee wrote:
>Please stop the language wars. Feel free to reply to the various people in
>private, but this is taking over gnome-list and it is not producing any
>more code, just hard feelings. 
>If you want Gnome to be C++-wrapped, do something about it.

I have to agree completely. I have been attempting to do just that lately,
out of necessity. I have done a couple of the simpler GNOME widgets, but I
have been hoping that someone with a little more skill than I would tackle
the gtkXmHTML widget, the tty widget, and some of the other more unique
bits. Tero Pulkkinen posted this on the GTK List recently:

>Here's a note for everyone making widgets for gtk--. I added an
>example of how to make a C++ wrapper of existing C widget to the web
>page. The next release of gtk-- will know to read files with that
>example format and generate code from it. See
>http://www.iki.fi/terop/gtk/range.gen_h for the example.0
>So, if you do it, prepare to convert the code to that format at some
>point. Its more modular and that file can be distributed separately from
>gtk-- and maybe easily generated from some other spec -- all information
>needed to generate a wrapper for a widget is in one file..
>-- Tero Pulkkinen -- terop@modeemi.cs.tut.fi --

So I would suggest that some of the C++ zealots that have popped up
recently (where were you when the wxGTK idea was hounded out of here last
fall?) get cracking and help round out gtk-- instead of complaining that it
isn't done. If you haven't seen it in a while, you should check it out. It
is already a terrific interface, just not robust yet. That is a Simple
Matter of Programming(tm).

M.Watson <redline@pdq.net>


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