Re: Newbie question


The component list is active?  This list certainly active but covers a lot
of stuff that is of more general interest (MDI, missing libs etc).  Are
you interested in talking components, because I certainly am?  I think I
have caused enough trouble here re C and C++ - Sorry if I raised a couple
of tail feathers but I have been hacking this stuff for more years than I
haven't (age 31) and I have some opinions.


PS.  MICO is cool, very cool.  I have been hacking away on Orbix and
OrbixWeb and I think this ORB has a lot going for it.  I am interested in
implement server frameworks.  Any one got any server component ideas that
need doing - Financial (Investment (treasury, stocks, bonds, mutual funds), 
Engineering (maybe SCADA - control, monitoring, simulation),  Retail
(inventory control, sales, accounting),  Manufacturing (Materials,
scheduling).  Hey, wait, the OMG has a whole bunch of vertical market IDLs
(I think).

On Thu, 9 Apr 1998, Tom Tromey wrote:

>Bruce> PS.  I am scratching around the CORBA stuff, I personally am
>Bruce> not too interested in presentation, rather in services etc.  Is
>Bruce> this the correct list to be asking questions?
>This is an ok list.  There is also a gnome-components list which might
>be suitable.  It's unclear (to me) if the components list covers just
>components, or all uses of CORBA.

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