An alternative to MDI


 I agree with those who dislike MDI as I find a non-maximised MDI 
window very confusing for teaching new users. An alternative that 
I'd prefer would be an Amiga screen type metaphor. It would be good 
to be able to configure an application (eg GIMP) to run in it's own 
screen. Then all file management windows, text editor windows etc are 
independent and that a user could be confident that the screen they 
are working on is dedicated to the application they are using. I 
think the key word in this is "configure" as it wouldn't be 
appropriate all the time. Perhaps a single title bar across the top 
of the screen that has a back gadget for moving between screens, or a 
control gadget that drops a menu down would allow the user to 
configure the applications setting.

  The difference between screens and workspaces (ala CDE/KDE) is that 
a screen would not have items such as a panel along the bottom, task 
list etc to detract from the current task. Workspaces are essentially 
multiple desktops, while screens are "full screen windowed 

  Another alternative would be a Mac style Hide Others option. My 
personal opinion would be to go for a balance between the two giving 
the user the option of launching a program on a current screen, 
loading on a current screen but (temporarily) hiding other 
applications, or launching on a private screen.

  I've rambled on for far too long, but hope this can provoke some 

| Julian Regel: |
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