Re: [freeqt] Re: opening Gnome to multiple (windowing) systems

> Don't want to start a religious debate, but I'd like to know 
> (at least) Miguel's exact position about the end of the forwarded mail.

Ok, lets see what the end of the mail says:

>   Gnome seems unfriendly to a) C++ and b) any other widget set than Gtk.
> (or at least a fair number of Gnomers do, which amounts to the same thing)

People: GNOME is not a project to promote a language.  We want to make
free software accessible to regular users.  Actually, since the very
beginning GNOME has tried to be as multi-lingual as possible.  It is
not my job to force people into using my prefered language of the

Regarding C++: Some people like C++, if they want to use C++ let them
use it (there is C++ code in the gnome tree for example).  

Now.  *I* personally do not like C++, but that is hardly relevant.  I
have some complains about the language, and I try to get people to
know about those problems when I have a chance.  As far as the
software is free (in the sense of the GPL, not in the sense of Qt), I
am happy with it. 

Now, if people want to use an extra layer of toolkit indirection
(wxGTK) for their applications, that is just fine with me.  Now, at
this point GNOME has enough dependencies to add another one (wxGTK) to
the bulid process, so I am not rushing into putting any wxGTK based
application under my charge (I mean, testing, packaging,

Now, wxGTK as a good wrapper is probably not exposing all of the
gtk/gnome components but only those that are required to make the
application portable across wx* family of toolkits, thus wasting the
framework code of gnome-libs.  For example, does wxGTK expose the
gnome-stock functions?  Does it grant access to GnomeApp?  Gtk-XmHTML?

My impression is that this is not the case, and the further we
develop the gnome libraries, the further we will see wxGTK not using
the gnome code.   


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