Re: Brainstorm: Desktop

>>>>> "Phil" == Phil Dawes <> writes:

    Phil> Karl M. Hegbloom wrote:
    >> What if one subwindow is from an application running on a
    >> remote host?  You've got to ask it to mail you the info, right?

    Phil> Hmmm.. hadn't thought of that. Damn my single-user polluted
    Phil> mind - I've been using NT for too long!  How do other
    Phil> established X desktops (CDE) handle this at the moment?

 I don't know a lot about it yet.  There's a thing called ICE, for
 `Inter Client Exchange'.  The program message each other via the X
 server.  If you use Debian, install `xbooks', and you can read about
 it.  (It'll save you the over $100 for bookstore versions.)  I
 glanced them over and decided to shelve them for a while...  There's
 a lot to know before it's useful to know the details of X.

    Phil> P.S. For those who don't know, the corba trader service is a
    Phil> bit like the naming service except that you don't query it
    Phil> with a name, you query it with some services that you want
    Phil> and it returns references to objects that can provide them.

 That sounds like `koalatalk', which I read about a little bit on
 their web site, and in `The X Resource'.

 Koalatalk can be found around and at:


 They compare it to `tooltalk', which I have never seen.  It sounds
 like a way the debugger can tell the editor where to put the cursor
 type thing.  I gather CORBA is a similar thing...  I promise I'll
 read about it at some point.

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