Re: Brainstorm: Desktop

On Wed, Apr 08, 1998 at 09:28:17AM +0100, Phil Dawes wrote:
> > 
> > > Hmm, couldn't CORBA be used for this too? So, you'd have a .gnomerc with
> It could be done.
> The question is, what does this approach really give us over just having
> a configuration file in a standard place.
Well, the advantage of a corba object over a .gnome/ is the ability
to have exactly the same configuration on several machines without any
effort. Of course, this could be achieved with the VFS from gmc, but
I think we're better off using standards for things. That way we make it
easier for application programmers to support the several desktops that
are emerging (if the others keep to standards as well (what happened to
the gnome-kde-list anyway?)) without having to learn a different way
of doing each and every thing for every desktop they want to support.

This is real important, as the success of this will depend on the
number of apps that is going to support it (as you no doubt will be
aware of ;)

> ... have a configuration file which the
> config object reads from. That way you can alter the values by hand if
> required
Hmm, hadn't thought of that yet. I think this would be the ultimate


Martijn van Beers

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