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Karl M. Hegbloom wrote:
> >>>>> "Phil" == Phil Dawes <> writes:
>     Phil> [...], but once you'd got that it'd be easy to connect to
>     Phil> the object and request the configuration info from it.
>     Phil> The question is, what does this approach really give us over
>     Phil> just having a configuration file in a standard
>     Phil> place.
>  What if one subwindow is from an application running on a remote
>  host?  You've got to ask it to mail you the info, right?

Hmmm.. hadn't thought of that. Damn my single-user polluted mind - I've
been using NT for too long!
How do other established X desktops (CDE) handle this at the moment?

I presume that if you're starting the app on a remote machine and you
don't have access to the config files, you still need a way of pointing
the app at the config object. Should this be a default gnome command
line argument (e.g. --GnomeConfigIOR)?
Actually, is there any way that the object could in some way be linked
to the X DISPLAY? 
Now if we had a corba trader service the app could ask it for a gnome
config object running on display=x.....



P.S. For those who don't know, the corba trader service is a bit like
the naming service except that you don't query it with a name, you query
it with some services that you want and it returns references to objects
that can provide them.

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