>>>>> "Roland" == Roland Pleasant Dunkerley <> writes:

    Roland> What's slp?  sounds exactly like what I've neen advocating
    Roland> for years (and slamming both redhat and debian for not
    Roland> doing, make the package a .zip file with the first file a
    Roland> .tar containing the installable image, put the other
    Roland> packaging control files into the .zip as separate files,
    Roland> prehaps including a fast copy of the toc of the tar, a
    Roland> signature for the tar, etc.  People who don't care about
    Roland> your package system can still use the file just like a
    Roland> plain old .tar.gz, but it has all this other useful
    Roland> information...

Um, .debs are exactly this.

[che@everybody:~/packages/xqf]% ar xvf xqf_0.5-1.deb                    10:42PM
x - debian-binary
x - control.tar.gz
x - data.tar.gz

anyone can use a .deb.

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