Re: Brainstorm: Desktop

> 	As for troubles with binary files...  Can't this be solved with
> MIME?  (Specify file type, etc.)  Or are you suggesting that a user links
> to Netscape on one machine and has no access on the other?  If so, I can
> think of several solutions.  

	Holy cow, we're now into the realm of virtual file systems,
network security issues and authentication, and remote execution.  My
initial proposal was only meant as a standard by which a user can find
"Desktop"-related info, that is, all the types of info you'd find in
C:\WINDOWS\DESKTOP, to avoid a million .????rc files and twelve different
locations of backgrounds and icons and such.

	Maybe the idea of a URL for the "Desktop" directory introduces too
many complexities... or perhaps we need to limit what kind of information
is stored in the "Desktop" directory... just trying to get back down to
earth with this.


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