I was experimenting with the latest checkout of mc for GNOME.  I am
not yet familiar enough with the gnome sources(I'm getting there) but
I did notice a small bug in GMC.  I understand that gmc is still in a
major state of flux but I thought I would mention it anyway.

If you choose new panel from the file menu, and then choose the bottom
selection from the toolbar?(menu bar, whatever the thing that undocks
is), it will move the menu bar of the second panel even when the
selection is made on the first panel.

Also, I was thinking about trying to have file operations occur in a
forked process for gmc.  It is annoying to have all the windows lock
up on you during an ftp copy from one panel to another.  Would someone
who knows the internals of mc and the gnome ui comment on this.  I
think all the needed info can be passed via fd passing but I am not
sure how the guts of mc would feel about this type of thing.

Manish Vachharajani 		            <>
Rutgers University	
Telecommunications Division   
Systems Programmer

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