ANNOUNCE: please vote for the GNU Quicken (TM) clone name

The project to build a GPL'ed clone of the popular Intuit Quicken (TM)
financial application suite is well under way.  A team is working, even as you
read this :-), to transform the popular Motif-based X-accountant (xacc) to use
Gtk and be a GNOME-friendly application for storing personal (and possible
business) finances for users in many different countries.

However, we want to give ourselves, and the community, a chance to pick a
(possibly) new name for the application.

Thus, between now and Monday 5 April 1998 at 23:59, we are accepting votes for
a new name.

We have already collected a list of possible names, which are below.  Each
person is permitted three votes, which must be submitted in the same email

The subject line is irrelevant, but the mail body must be in the following
format, with the data in <>'s replaced by the obvious data.  For the
<CHOICE_N>'s, you should use the *abbreviation* from the name choices below
(case is irrelevant):

My Name: <YOUR_NAME>
Choice 1: <CHOICE_1>
Choice 2: <CHOICE_2>
Choice 3: <CHOICE_3>

All other lines in the body will be ignored.

A confirmation will be sent to the email address appearing in the 'From:' line
of the message.  If this mail does not bounce, your choices will be tallied,
with one vote for each of your choices.  A second vote will invalidate your
previous votes.

Be advised that your email address, name, and vote choices will be posted
publicly (similar to the way Usenet vote reports are done) at the end of the

Send your vote in the format as described above to:
This address will begin to bounce on Monday 5 April 1998 at 23:59.

Here is a table of the name choices  we are considering:

NAME                             ABBREVIATION
X-Accountant                     xacc
GnoMoney                         GnoMoney 
NoMoney                          NoMoney 
GnuCash                          GnuCash 
lucre                            lucre  
QIQ Isn't Quicken                QIQ
QAQ Ain't Quicken                QAQ 
Finances Are a Necessary Evil    FAANE 
pelf                             pelf 
solvent                          solvent 
mundament                        mundament 
lode                             lode 
thrive                           thrive 
fundament                        fundament 
the Fine Financial Application   finapp
final                            final 
Financial Ledger                 fledge
fince                            fince 
fincet                           fincet 
fledget                          fledget 
finet                            finet 
finango                          finango 
fnord                            fnord 
GNU general ledger               gnural
The New General Ledger           gnuledge
Xacct                            Xacct
Exacct                           Exacct
Fasten                           Fasten

Thanks for taking the time to help us pick a name.  If you are interested in
the project, please check out the WWW site at, which will also tell you how to get on the
mailing list.

     -    -    Bradley M. Kuhn    -  -
      PGP RSA KEYIDs:  4712130D (bkuhnLessSecure)  /  AA746581 (bkuhnMaster)
               Full public keys at

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