Re: gmc

Manish said:

> Also, I was thinking about trying to have file operations occur in a
> forked process for gmc.  It is annoying to have all the windows lock
> up on you during an ftp copy from one panel to another.  

This is already implemented, but you have to click on "Background"
instead of "Ok" on the file operations dialog.  I think I will make
this the default for Gnome.  

It made some sort of sense in the text mdoe edition.  Actually, did it
ever make sense?  Oh, yes, it did, as originally we only had Ok, so I
guess Ok is stuck there for historical reasons, but we can drop this
from the GUI version.

> I think all the needed info can be passed via fd passing but I am
> not sure how the guts of mc would feel about this type of thing.

Yep, this is more or less what gets done

Best wishes,

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