Re: gnome-keyring Format of private key file

Johan Groth wrote:
> Hi all, I managed to import a certificate (pkcs#12 file with password
> protected private key) with gnome-keyring import command. The files
> where stored in .gnome2/keyrings/ and the private key was stored in a
> separate file. I wonder what format that file is in? The extension
> says pkcs8 but I couldn't read the file with openssl.

Works for me:

$ openssl pkcs8 -inform DER -in \
Enter Password:

openssl expects it's input in textual PEM format by default.
gnome-keyring supports that format but doesn't save it like that by
default. When you specify -inform DER openssl understands what's going on.

openssl's 'PEM' format is just the DER encoded with base64 and a header
and footer slapped on it.



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