Miguel de Icaza wrote:
> > I'm not an expert on this, but from what I've heard a) Motif dnd is Bad,
> > subject to various technical problems and b) the specs aren't freely
> > available, it would have to be licensed or some such (although even if
> > one did want to license it I highly doubt the source could just be
> > dropped into the freely available GNOME or KDE source for everyone to
> > see).
> I want to clear up this issue:
>         1. Motif DnD is not bad.  It is just complex to implement.

Thatīs the problem, Motif DND seems to be too complicated. And I canīt
see where Motif DND should "pay" in future, since there are not many
Motif applications out there which support DND (and most of them are

However, no matter which protocol is selected, KDE and GNOME should use
the same.

>            The Gtk+/GNOME team (specifically, Owen Taylor) believes
>            that interoperability with Motif is worth the effort and
>            tha the protocol will pay of in the future.
>            Motif DnD is the most complete X DnD protocol.
>         2. Specification for the Motif DnD protocol is freely
>            available in a number of places.  No licenses are required.
> best wishes,
> Miguel.


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