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On Tue, 14 Apr 1998 Max Watson wrote:
>At 01:03 AM 4/14/98 +0200, Christian Esken wrote:
>>Drag and drop is problematic. XDND has been developed jointly by
>>prominent persons from the net: Elliot Lee from RedHat and Arnt
>>Gulbrandsen from TrollTech were involved. KDE will use XDND in
>>the future, Gnome will use their own scheme (if I am not  mistaken).
>Elliot Lee wrote the dnd mechanism for gtk+ (the GNOME's toolkit) as well.
>Although it is supposed to be more featureful than previous efforts, it
>does not work well, when at all. Not to complain, though. I know how it is
>to have a full plate. :)  IIRC, GNOME is stuck with the current setup until
>after the release of gtk+ 1.0 (RSN), and then Mr. Lee is going to rewrite
>the dnd mechanism for 1.1. 

So this is important. Users wii feel most annoyed if they have multiple
incompatible DnD protocols. Do you have any info on what Elliot tries
to implement after 1.1?

KDE will ship with its current DnD implementation, too. So Gnome and KDE
will not be compatible today. But in the future we need a common DnD.
IMO it should be XDND. Opinions?

>>HTML is a very decent help file format. KDE uses it. I heread even
>>M$ thinks about using it in the future.  Does Gnome use HTML, too?
>GNOME is using DocBook to write our stuff, but once installed, the help
>files are html. And they (what little there is right now) works fine in
>kdehelp so far. The kde help files that I have seen also look fine in

Thatīs good news. :-)


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