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On Mon, 06 Apr 1998 Roberto Alsina wrote:
>On Mon, 6 Apr 1998, Miguel de Icaza wrote:
>> > State them, then, and I'm sure discussion will follow :-)
>> Ok, I would like at least the .desktop files (KDE calls them .kdelnk)
>> to be compatible between the projects.  If people want to ship their
>> favorite X application (even if it is not part of KDE or GNOME) with
>> one of those files, we should at least not force them to ship two
>> versions.
>> So, I would like to clone your config files, does KDE have a document
>> describing what are the contents of the .kdelnk files?
>I don't think there is a document. The person to ask would be Torben, 
>probably. I don't know if he is subscribed.

There is a document on our Web page. It is not a real formal document
about KConfing, just describes the ideas.


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