Re: gnome/kde application?

Hello Chris!

I was thinking of C or C++. I am more familiar with C, but kde seems to demand
C++. I was thinking of something simple. Just a kind of "proof of concept" - to
show that it could be done.  I am just in thinking stafges now as I am busy
with another project for next 1-2 months.

On 08-Apr-98 Christian Esken wrote:
> On Wed, 08 Apr 1998 Thomas Corner wrote:
>>I am thinking of trying to write some kind of application that could be both
>>gnome and kde. Is this possible. Maybe this is an ambitious undertaking for
>>someone who has never written either type of application.  I would be
>>interested in any ideas or suggestions on the subject.
> It is hard for a beginner. You would need wrappers for all functions.
> BTW: In what kind of programming language?
> Bye,
>   Chris
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