Re: Mistakes in article

On 4/13/06, Claus Schwarm <c schwarm gmx net> wrote:
> Hi, Elijah!
> First of all, thanks for taking your time to answer our questions.

No problem.  Thanks for all the awesome work you're doing.

> Concerning your request: It's no problem to change "GNOME" into
> "Gnome". However, as long as there's no official decision to change it,
> we continue writing it GNOME in the questions, I guess.

That's fine; I was just referring to the edits of my answers.

> But I suggest that you provide an alternative formulation of your first
> sentence. ;-)
> The "cough" stuff is very geeky. Roughtly 98% of our readers won't
> understand what you are talking about. The link to the mailing list
> isn't helpful, either: It's hard to see why the mail is relevant to the
> interview.

That's because it was edited, and was part of the reason I thought it
was worth bringing up (the other main reason being the broken link
elsewhere).  I believe the original answer I submitted does make
sense.  The question was "In what ways do you contribute to *GNOME*?"
(stars added for emphasis).  I answered with "I contribute to
*Gnome*..." (with the link to explain why I spelled it differently). 
You could change the "cough" stuff to bold or italics since you won't
be printing the article in plaintext and it has the same meaning.

Thanks for putting up with my nitpicking.  :-)


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