Infrastructure | foundation-list being trolled (#164)

Title: GitLab

Olav Vitters created an issue:


There's a consistent troll on foundation-list. People on GNOME channel on Telegram are getting annoyed by it. Unfortunately the troll does not get ignored completely.

PS: I thought I filed this already, but couldn't find it. So maybe this is ticket nr.2.

Steps to reproduce

What is the current bug behaviour?

See the links below.

What is the expected correct behaviour?

Less trolls. Not sure exactly how, advice welcome! Maybe only allow subscriptions if they're validated by someone? But I don't think anyone ever will accept a subscription so it might be too much of a big hammer.

What actions did you take?

Obviously, please undo as you see fit.

What actions did you NOT take?

Relevant logs and/or screenshots

/cc @averi

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