Infrastructure | Downloading from gbm-builder interrupted after a few minutes (+ enable http/2 if possible) (#163)

Title: GitLab

Abderrahim Kitouni created an issue:


When trying to download from, the connection is reset after a few minutes. This is particularly problematic as ostree (and thus flatpak) doesn't try to resume downloading the partial file. Some files in there are huge, and this makes them impossible to download. doesn't have the same problem, and looking at the headers, I noticed returns an extra Connection: close one.

As ostree supports HTTP/2, it would be nice to have support for it in the server as well.

Steps to reproduce

curl -O --limit-rate 20k

What is the current bug behavior?

The download is interrupted after a few minutes with something like curl: (18) transfer closed with 857603989 bytes remaining to read.

/cc @averi

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