Re: Infrastructure | Infrastructure | Please remove my personal details from a mailing list archive (#156)

Title: GitLab

Johny Papa commented:

Hi and thank you for the quick reply. I read that section and I see its point, but I'm afraid I didn't know my signature was sent and even so, I had no idea that it will be published online. It is supposed to be a mailing list, which should happen only inside the email. In any case, I must insist to remove those entries (please from that second archive too). It is quite important and serious, as I can't have those details online associated to the said firm that is closed now. I understand your policy, but please can you make an exception just for this case, as I did not know about it and it's very serious. I promise I will not bother you again (except for gnome/gimp participation). I will be careful to remove my signature from the emails from now on. Thank you very much and I apologise for the inconvenience. Best regards, Dragos

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