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Johny Papa created an issue:

Requested details

Hello. I am sorry if this is not an appropriate place for this request, but I asked on 2 other places and various people told me this is the place to ask.

I love gimp and I offered some time ago to help with the translation. I subscribed to a mailing list and exchanged a few messages and recently I was surprised to discover that my personal details are displayed on the public archive website, which I am not happy with at all. As per your privacy policy, please remove my details from the archive page. The rest can stay, no problem, and I will also try to help with anything I can this great open source platform.

  1. The list name:

  2. The details: What I need to be removed please is the personal details after "Best regards,":

Thank you very much for your assistance.

Please let me know if you need any information from me.

Additional information


Please remember we only remove the list information, subscriptions and NOT the archives themselves which are kept around for historical reasons.

/cc @averi

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