Statistics queries


For my GUADEC talk, I’m wondering if you could answer some statistical
questions about the GNOME servers. I need it a few days before the
start of GUADEC, at the latest. If that’s not possible, then I’ll try
and estimate the numbers as best I can.

I tried to find this information online, but couldn’t — if I’ve missed
something, please point me towards it! The best I could find was, which I could estimate some
answers from, but I don’t think they would be very accurate.

Particularly, I would like to know:
 • The bandwidth our services used each year, for the last 3 years. I
assume this would be dominated by website requests ( and
GitLab) and tarball downloads.
 • The number of dedicated machines we have running (for hosting
services or for running CI) and their average load factors over the
last (for example) week.
 • Whether those servers run on renewable energy or, if not, which
country and region they are each physically hosted in (so I can
calculate carbon intensity of energy supply for them).
 • For the AWS cloud services we use, which regions they are
provisioned in (since that impacts their carbon intensity, see [1]);
and the equivalent (if known) for any other cloud services we use.

Basically, my aim is to estimate the annual carbon emissions of the
project’s server and CI infrastructure.



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