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For my GUADEC talk, I’m wondering if you could answer some statistical
questions about the GNOME servers. I need it a few days before the
start of GUADEC, at the latest. If that’s not possible, then I’ll try
and estimate the numbers as best I can.

I tried to find this information online, but couldn’t — if I’ve missed
something, please point me towards it! The best I could find was, which I could estimate some
answers from, but I don’t think they would be very accurate.

Particularly, I would like to know:
 • The bandwidth our services used each year, for the last 3 years. I
assume this would be dominated by website requests ( and
GitLab) and tarball downloads.

We share the hosting with other corporate services so we unfortunately
won't be able to provide bandwidth statistics.

 • The number of dedicated machines we have running (for hosting
services or for running CI) and their average load factors over the
last (for example) week.

The total number of bare metals we have running is:

8 hypervisors
7 CI runners

Load is usually pretty low (6-8 on load15) on hypervisors, regarding
runners we're currently not gathering any utilization statistic but I
expect the load to considerably higher on peek hours when multiple
concurrent jobs are running.

 • Whether those servers run on renewable energy or, if not, which
country and region they are each physically hosted in (so I can
calculate carbon intensity of energy supply for them).

The datacenters in question are located in: Raleigh, North Carolina,
Phoenix, Arizona and one of them lives in London. We're currently
working to reduce the amount of hypervisors for better maintainability
and cost reduction.

 • For the AWS cloud services we use, which regions they are
provisioned in (since that impacts their carbon intensity, see [1]);
and the equivalent (if known) for any other cloud services we use.

What we mainly use within AWS are S3 buckets in the following 2 regions:


Basically, my aim is to estimate the annual carbon emissions of the
project’s server and CI infrastructure.

Let me know if there's anything else you need on this side, thanks!


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