Re: GIMPNet moderators/channel ops


we have implemented nickserv/chanserv already [1], would you suggest
implementing channel protection directly through them? would you
personally prefer going for that kind of setup instead of having a
GNOME Operators team running the various channels?

Patrick, thanks for bringing this in to the list!

2016-01-04 17:24 GMT+01:00 Gregory Leblanc
<headmaster albus dumbledore gmail com>:
On Wed, Dec 23, 2015 at 9:08 AM, Patrick Uiterwijk
<puiterwijk redhat com> wrote:

We wanted to have an on-ML discussion about channel OPs for GIMPNet, since we've had
some cases of spammers when the network-wide opers aren't around.
Another idea I can think of is to make it easier to find network OPs that are available.
Maybe have them determine a schedule of when which is available and publish this?

Might it not be better to implement nickserv/chanserv?  They don't
need to be as aggressive as the ones on freenode, but their code is
probably robust and flexible enough for our use.
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