Re: Proposal to have NDAs for sysadmins

On Mon, Nov 10, 2014 at 03:01:05PM +0100, Andrea Veri wrote:
I'll probably move the discussion back to the Board as many items I
would like to find out more were raised in my head today,

1. what consequences would be taken in in case of a breach on the US
law? also would the US law be the one applicable? (if yes, suing
someone from EU would hardly result in any real consequence for an
individual given the special matter we are discussing and the totally
different applicable law between the US and the various EU countries,
i.e common law vs civil law)
2. and most importantly: would it be possible to turn the NDA into a
Code of Conduct the Sysadmins should adhere when joining? that way no
legal consequences would ever take place

Code of Conduct makes sense IMO. It's usually pretty obvious when
someone does things that are "bad" or should have known to cross check
with someone. That's why I proposed a more generically written NDA. I do
think having someone be outspoken that they'll do the right thing is a
good idea, so please proceed. I e.g. like the CoC, also that took me a
while to fully determine pro/con/etc.

Thanks for the brainstorming session!


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