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  • [Bug 673251] New: Archive "gtkhtml2" module in Git, sysadmin
  • [Bug 673249] New: Archive "libsounds" module in Git, sysadmin
  • [Bug 673248] New: Archive ""libmimedir"" module in Git, sysadmin
  • [Bug 673247] New: Archive "libgircclient" module in Git, sysadmin
  • [Bug 672972] New: Can't install module, sysadmin
  • Refresh of api.g.o/evolution/autoconfig, Matthew Barnes
  • [Bug 672066] New: Create mailing list for gnome-online-accounts users, sysadmin
  • [Bug 671674] New: Archive random evil-smelling website repositories, sysadmin
  • [Bug 671548] New: Archive "gnome-format" module in Git, sysadmin
  • [Bug 671466] New: Archive "GnomeICU" module in Git, sysadmin
  • [Bug 671463] New: Archive "gnome-network" module in Git, sysadmin
  • [Bug 671422] New: Archive "gnome-volume-manager" module in Git, sysadmin
  • [Bug 648955] Project hosting for GtkImageView, sysadmin
  • [Bug 574328] pre-commit-check-po.sh uses an invalid next statement, sysadmin
  • [Bug 636088] errors from gnome-post-receive-email, sysadmin
  • [Bug 666539] errors from git hook, sysadmin
  • [Bug 664279] Please update pre-receive git hook., sysadmin
  • [Bug 634426] Disallow tags named HEAD, sysadmin
  • [Bug 671247] New: Please archive gome-cat-list, sysadmin
  • [Bug 671017] Deploying DNSSEC in tree in the domain gnome.org, sysadmin
  • [Bug 650037] Install itstool on progress, sysadmin
  • [Bug 645349] Investigate and fix OOM problems on drawable.gnome.org, sysadmin
  • [Bug 666694] uceprotect reject my mail to gnome mailing list, sysadmin
  • [Bug 670026] Error while creating Bugzilla module, sysadmin
  • [Bug 652457] install-module: Error messages from Bugzilla, sysadmin
  • [Bug 655071] 400 Bad Request trying to post admindb page, sysadmin
  • [Bug 662669] Change irc.gnome.org to CNAME irc.gimp.net, sysadmin
  • [Bug 662415] Add git repository for GNOME Screencast, sysadmin
  • [Bug 665472] Archive pan, sysadmin
  • [Bug 671085] Archive "libical" module in Git, sysadmin

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