Refresh of api.g.o/evolution/autoconfig

I'm rewriting Evolution's autoconfig feature for 3.5, which queries for account details based on the user's email address.

For example:

I noticed the data there is nearly two years old, so I thought I'd give
it a refresh.  It's pretty much a straight copy of Mozilla's repo [1].

However there's catch...

Mozilla has since changed the file format.  Whereas the previous XML
format started with simply <clientConfig>, the latest files now have
<clientConfig version="1.1"> and some things are named differently.

In order to not break backward-compatibility, I thought I'd create a
"1.1" subdirectory and place the updated files there.

So for example Evolution's new parser would query:

The api-web.doap file has some dire warnings about committing without
permission, so I'm seeking permission.

Matthew Barnes


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