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cc'ing gnome-infrastructure: that's the right mailing list for this


Le mardi 28 septembre 2010, à 10:17 -0400, Paul Smith a écrit :
> The SMTP MTA configuration on the server is
> incorrectly configured, such that various other MTAs will not accept
> mail from it.  One such "other MTA" is the one associated with my
> bugzilla account, (the FSF's mail server).  As such, I'm
> not getting any email about any of my Bugzilla bugs from
> this has caused me to miss lots of important
> updates and not respond in a timely fashion to requests for information,
> etc.
> There was a bug filed about this a few months ago (I filed one before
> that but this one, from David Woodhouse, actually contains useful
> information, unlike my bug :-)):
> This shows that the MTA is misconfigured and not
> behaving properly.
> However this bug has been closed as RESOLVED WONTFIX without much
> comment except:
> > I do not see an easy way on: (reject
> > except for <> and send it in that case to /dev/null). I do of course know of a
> > way, but that adds a lot of extra stuff to the configuration for IMO little
> > benefit.
> The benefit, of course, is that people who report bugs to bugzilla and
> whose MTAs attempt to use address verification to reduce spam will be
> able to receive email updates and notifications about their bugs, unlike
> today.
> I suppose I'm biased, but that seems like more than a little benefit.
> What is the right way to move forward with this and get a resolution
> that enables all email to be properly delivered?
> Cheers!
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