Re: GNOME Foundation Budgeting - Infrastructure needs

On Mon, Sep 20, 2010 at 11:12 PM, Jeff Schroeder
<jeffschroeder computer org> wrote:
>> * What would our backup plan be if we could only buy one server?
> Well only buying 1 server is better than 0 but  1 really nice one and
> 1 lower end one would be perfect. The benefit outweights the downsides
> in my professional opinion here.
> The "backup plan" at a bare minimum would be to split ldap/dns to the
> backup server from label and menubar respectively. This is my opinion
> only and is up to the team ultimately. This would allow us to
> potentially retire 2 out of support servers with a newer faster and
> more energy efficient one. We could figure out the details should that
> be the case.

Speaking to backup, do we have any solution to HA (something like
heartbeat + drbd)?
hot backup and cold backup?

Ray Wang
  - Follow your dreams

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